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Butterflies and stone mosaic paintings by Dario Sogmaister

News | giovedì, 24 febbraio, 2022
The works by Dario Sogmaister come to life from a sketch in which he outlines the subject he is going to create; following these outline lines of the wooden guides and superimposing them on the sketch, then he fills the spaces between one guide and the other with mortar. While the base is still fresh, he inserts the small fragments of stone that make up...

Murrina Murano Venice

News | 21 luglio, 2021
Murano is synonymous with tradition, history, culture and the preservation of an art that is handed down...

Face bowl Tassen

News | 27 maggio, 2021
Tassen, a German company, which had a fantastic intuition: it has created and still creates fantastic cups,...

Tools for your outdoor barbecue

News | 20 marzo, 2020
But who said that barbecue is only done at home? It's so nice, for those who have terraces and gardens, to...

Artistic ceramics of Bassano and Marostica

News | 6 marzo, 2020
This new generation of artisans from Bassano del Grappa and Nove is becoming more and more known to the...
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